A developer's overview of Drupal 8's top contributed modules

DrupalCamp Spain 2016

Juampy NR - @juampynr

Juampy NR - @juampynr

Senior Developer at Lullabot


  • Metatag
  • Pathauto
  • Token
  • Field Collection
  • Diff
  • Workbench Moderation
  • Redirect
  • Page Manager
  • Panels


1 Metatag (Rodrigo)

  • UI to manage defaults per entity type and bundle.
  • Can override tags per entity instance, but there is a trick.
  • Tags are plugins. Yay!

Default metatags

Edit defaults

Overriding defaults

Creating a custom tag

2 Pathauto (Paco)

  • Flexible UI to add patterns for entities.
  • Very close to reach to a stable release.

Admin tour

Hey Juampy: create an issue for that bug.

3 Token (Samuel)

  • Main tokens are available: global tokens, field tokens.
  • Token browser works as in Drupal 7.
  • Pending: chained tokens ([node:field_sample_entity_reference:title].
  • Pending: further multilingual support.
  • Pending: automatic support for field properties ([test_field:format]).

4 Field Collection (Kiko)

  • 8.x-1.x has an alpha release. Works but ugly code.
  • 8.x-2.x looks promising. Uses Inline Entity Form.

Yess, arrays! :evil:

8.x-2.x playground

5 Diff (Nesta & Karmen)

Diff plugins

6 Workbench Moderation (Antonio)

  • Slightly different UI for moderating.
  • Works on all revisionable entities (nodes, blocks, etc).
  • Great module to look upon for best practices.

WBM UI tour

WBM code tour

7 Redirect (Jansete)

  • Similar UI than in Drupal 7.
  • Just got moved to Drupal.org (was on GitHub).

8 Page Manager (Josef)

  • Serves as a home for Panels variants.
  • Leverage's CTools Wizard API.
  • Uses Condition API, Context API, and Tempstore API, among others.

PM: editing a page

PM: adding a page

PM: Wizard API

9 Panels (David)

  • Defines a panel variant for Page Manager.
  • Work in progress: it's UI works but it still needs a lot of love.

Panels & PM


Thanks! Questions?