Happy APIs in Drupal 8

DrupalDay Spain 2015

Juampy NR - @juampynr

Juampy NR - @juampynr

Senior Developer

Quick guide: How to expose content in Drupal 8

What do you want to do How you could do it
View, Create, Update and Delete entities. REST & REST UI modules.
List content. Use Views REST exports.
Restrict access to your API. Add an authentication method.

Part one: fetching data

  • Views REST exports

Configuring REST

Evaluating REST for fetching single entities

Pros Cons
Easy to set up. Returns EVERYTHING about an entity.
Can expose all entities (even configuration ones). Does not support access logic such as "show only my user details".
Supports authentication. Can't set custom labels.

Listing content with Views REST exports

Image fields in Views REST exports

Paging and filtering in Views REST exports

Evaluating Views REST for listing data

Pros Cons
Easy to set up. Does not support authentication (issue).
Supports custom labels, paging and filtering. Does not report total pages.
Has an API, so it can be extended. Poor image handling.

Part two: managing data

Creating an article

Authenticating the request with Basic Auth.

Tips on creating content

Updating an article

This time, authenticating the request with OAuth

Full details at https://www.drupal.org/node/2558697

Gotchas on creating/updating

Part three: new and juicy stuff


Provides a language to query our API.

  • Dries likes it.
  • Work in progress.

RELAXed Web Services

Provides... something.


Yes. Services.

Useful links

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