VIM and Drupal 8

Drupal Madrid - January 2016

Juampy NR - @juampynr

Juampy NR - @juampynr

Senior Developer


  1. Background
  2. Setup
  3. Basic editing
  4. Directory browsing
  5. Searching
  6. Navigating through code
  7. Window management
  8. Debugging


Why did I change from this… :-D

Into this? :-S

Because of this? ;-)

Basic editing


I use a slightly modified version of the spf13 distribution.

sudo apt-get -y install vim vim-gnome exuberant-ctags
cp ~/projects/Ubuntu-Installer/.ctags ~/
curl -L -o - | sh
cp ~/projects/Ubuntu-Installer/.vimrc.local ~/
cp ~/projects/Ubuntu-Installer/.vimrc.before.local ~/

Source: Ubuntu installer script.

Directory browsing (NERDTree plugin)

Searching (grep + CtrlP + tags)

Navigating through code (Tagbar plugin)

Window management (tabs and buffers)

Debugging a request(Vdebug plugin)

Debugging a script(Vdebug plugin + Drush)

How to start using VIM?


  • Type vimtutor and follow the tutorial for basic usage.
  • Install the spf13 distribution.
  • Take your time to read the docs of each plugin.
  • Test your skills and learn by playing VIMGolf.
  • Get the latest book: Practical VIM.

Thanks! Questions?


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